UCFs College of Business has taken a step to reshape the role advising plays in the education of our students. The Office for Career Connections and Undergraduate Student Services have been merged to form the Office of Professional Development. In response to input from students, faculty, alumni, recruiters, and business leaders, the College has added 4 mandatory, one-credit “career professionalism” classes that all Junior and Senior students in our College will have to take. In addition, activities in the classes such as career assessment, resume reviews, mock interviewing, and practice networking will be facilitated by a team of Career Coaches; professionals with Recruiting and HR experience who will help shape the career readiness of our students. We also hope to secure partnerships with employers and subject matter experts who want to lend their expertise to this effort. Questions regarding curriculum matters will be handled by faculty in the academic departments while trained peers will help students navigate college and university policy matters.  In the end, our Career Coaches will be a valuable conduit connecting our students to employers!

In the words of our Dean, Paul Jarley, PhD., “It is the goal of this new center to work in partnership area employers to improve the market-readiness of our students through a series of workshops, coaching sessions and activities designed to sharpen their career goals and implement a concrete plan to launch their career by landing the job of their choice BEFORE they leave college.” You have to admit, that’s a lofty goal!

So far the response to our change has been nothing short of enthusiastic. If I had a dollar every time I heard, “I wish they had that when I was in school” I’d have…well…a big stack of dollars! I am excited by this change, our Career Coaches are excited about the challenge, our students are excited by the new service, and we hope the business community will be excited by our response to their input.

If you are a College of Business student, stay tuned to our website and social media to learn more about what this means for you. This blog will be a source of job search advice, ideas, reminders, and information.  If you are NOT a College of Business student you may want to ask your advisors why they DON’T offer this service. And if employers would like more information on how they can get involved, feel free to shoot me an email at: 

We are going to change the face of higher ed advising and Central Florida will reap the benefits of a stronger College of Business!


Lonny Butcher
UCF College of Business
Office of Professional Development