I forget that you can learn a lot just being observant.  This morning I watched a guy at Starbucks struggle to make a pot of coffee with a coffee filter that looked almost two sizes too big.  You can learn about problem solving skills, perseverance, and a variety of other human traits.  There was also a cluster of people standing in front of the register just chatting away.  Oblivious to what was going on around them.  I watched the young lady at the cash register struggle to find a polite way to tell them to move.  She was new.  🙂


Anyway, it reminded me of this list I came up with a year or so ago.  Read it, do it, or ignore it…it’s up to you!


Rules for not being an ass…
1. Acknowledge others as you walk by (hallways, sidewalk…) or at least try to smile even when you aren’t making eye contact with someone
2. Act like there are others all around you when you stop to fix your coffee, wash your hands in the bathroom, etc even when there aren’t just in case someone walks up
3. Pick up trash when you see it, even if it isn’t yours
4. Hold the door for someone at least once per day
5. Tell someone who has served you thanks and that they are awesome at least once per week

Give it a shot and see what happens.  Have fun!