Have you heard the buzz yet?? The College of Business Administration has Career Coaches to help prepare you, yes you, for the workforce after graduation. So what does this mean to you? It means you have a dedicated Career Coach that is here to help you create your career plan, develop your own awesome resume, guide you through the job/internship seeking process, and help prepare you for interviews. Notice the emphasis on you and your. We are not here to do all the legwork for you, but we are here to help by giving you our expert advice and providing you tools for success. I just realized that I left out one awesome fact about your Career Coach- she has experience working in HR/Recruiting! This means that she has been the person who looks for talent and hires those that are the best fit for a position.  Bottom line, we know what employers are looking for and can help you become an ideal candidate.

Speaking of ideal candidate, to be an ideal candidate you need a goal and strategy in mind. Do you know what you want to do post-graduation? It’s ok if you don’t, but that means you need to start thinking about that NOW. Your Career Coach is going to suggest that you take a career assessment, view those results, and then do some job searches to learn about their qualifications. You will likely find that the position you are interested in requires quite a bit of experience in addition to your education to qualify. And that’s normal; you have to work your way up to your dream job by starting at the bottom. The trick here is finding the appropriate entry level experience to get you to that end goal a few years from now.

This is a good point to have a conversation with your Career Coach, or better yet someone who is already working in your dream job field. The best way to learn more about a position (how to get there, what the day to day responsibilities are) is by talking to professionals working in that field, either from people you already know or through an informational interview. If you don’t know what an informational interview is, keep scrolling down to Lindsay’s post on informational interviews. But make sure you have done some research first; look up job descriptions of current openings so you can have a comprehensive conversation to see if this is the right fit for you. Have you heard of Indeed.com? This is a great site to find openings and job descriptions. The site pulls from employer websites, Monster, Career Builder, etc. This means that any job that has been posted online will be found on this site, and you can narrow your search to any specifications.

Once you have a career plan you’re going to be ready to apply for entry level roles and/or internships. Is your resume up to par? This is another great time to come in and meet with your Career Coach. We can review the companies and positions you are wanting to pursue and then make some tweaks to your resume that will have you stand out from your competition. The next thing you know, you will be offered an interview, where once again your Career Coach can help you through the process. We will conduct a mock interview and provide you with feedback and tips to ensure a successful interview.

As you can see, your Career Coach is going to be there to help you through the whole process. We truly want each of our students to be successful after graduation. Meeting with your Career Coach throughout your undergraduate career will allow you to find your passion, create a career plan, rework your resume, mock interview, get relevant experience, and finally be prepared for graduation! This is your journey, and we are here to guide you while providing candid advice along the way.


By Emily Sullivan
Career Coach- General Business & Business Administration