Came across this blog on LinkedIn today:


According to a survey CareerXRoads ( does every year of recruiting professionals, the most often cited “source of hire” is Referrals. That’s when a person working for a company that has an opening submits the resume of someone they know for the position. It’s also a common source of new sales leads and significant others!


But how do you get to the point of getting the referral. Well, you can go make new connections and hope they’ll do it on their own. Just remember how well that worked with your roommate who had the hot sister. Didn’t work out so well, did it?


Or you can learn to ask for the sale. I get asked for referrals and introductions all the time by students. My rules are pretty much the same; I have to know you and you can’t suck. I also have to know that the person I’m introducing you to is ok with getting an introduction. Most are, but there are a few quirky folks out there.


So how do you increase the possibility that you’ll get referred by me or anyone else? Well, start off by getting to know more people, specifically people who can help you professionally. It’s good to know everyone in your Finance class, but you may want to expand that to supervisors, faculty, alumni, and other working professionals. Step two, don’t suck! If I can’t remember knowing you, I probably won’t refer you. And if I remember you because you suck…I DEFINITELY won’t refer you!