And now you know why we don’t do student career development the way everyone else does!

Paul Jarley, Dean


Lonny Butcher is Director of Professional Development in the College. His utility belt won’t make you a super hero, but it will help you compete for a career your mom will want to brag about to her friends.  His failure story explains why we call him Batman……..

The key to failure is that at it’s best it goes beyond just teaching you a lesson or reinforcing something you should have remembered; It shapes the person you become later in life.

In 1989 I barely graduated from LSU with a BS in what was then called “Personnel Management.” At school I was neither engaged nor motivated. Most times I was barely sober. I made good money working on oil rigs. School was just a place to rest between hitches. But, my 2.2 GPA and lack of any work experience beyond scraping bird poop and painting meant I wasn’t recruited for a…

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