And, no, they aren’t paying me to say that.. However if they would like to, I wouldn’t mind!

Indeed is the #1 jobsite worldwide! Indeed pulls job opportunities from over 10,000 sources making it a very comprehensive job search experience. Best of all, it’s FREE!

When using indeed, you can search by keywords and location. Let’s say you are currently seeking a summer marketing internship for elective credit but are also considering going home to Fort Lauderdale, will make this easy for you… Under “what” type:

“Marketing intern” or “marketing internship” or “sales intern.”

Then, under “where” type:

“Fort Lauderdale, FL.”

Click “find jobs” and BOOM, open job opportunities that are automatically sorted by the relevance of what you are searching for. In the mid to lower left hand side you can select the blue link titled “date” to sort them by date posted instead of by the default which is relevance (**note, if you are currently searching for a summer 2014 internship, you’re a little bit late**)

Take this same approach when searching for your entry-level position.

Also, as a UCF KNIGHT you have Knightlink available to you ( Create your user profile and utilize this tool as much as possible. You can search for internships and entry level positions on Knightlink. The great thing about this tool is that the employers who are posting jobs WANT TO HIRE A UCF KNIGHT! You already have one qualification for every position posted, you, my friend, are a UCF Knight!

In Knightlink you can upload documents like your resume, cover letter and even references. You can also create your own profile. They have an employer directory available to you as well. In the jobs tab you would conduct a search similar to the one on indeed, just type keywords and the city you’re looking for a position in, and BOOM, more opportunities available to you from people who want to hire a Knight.

Check out both of these tools and see what’s out there, you’ll be surprised with how many opportunities are available to you! For more extensive advice on how to conduct an effective job search, visit your Career Coach at the Office of Professional Development in BA2 Room 101.

Happy job-searching!


Victoria Farinas – Marketing Career Coach