I will admit that my taste in movies is limited at best. I only have two requirements, I want to laugh and I want to see stuff blow up. No surprise, I’m a fan of the summer blockbuster. Robots, superheroes, car chases….love it! Rom com…not so much. And please don’t make me think. That’s for when I watch Frontline. I also prefer to see movies at the theater. There’s some stuff I’ll watch at home, but it’s usually something I saw in the theater first. My attention span just isn’t sufficient for lazy Sundays on the sofa watching flicks from Red Box.


So why all the movie talk? It costs a lot to go see movies at the theater. Twelve dollars for a ticket, fiver for a soda and what seems like a half-week’s pay if you want food. But, you get the experience of seeing your summer blockbuster with all the explosions and action on a HUGE screen with a killer sound system. Admit it, even though the fourth Transformer movie totally sucked (sorry Marky Mark…) Optimus Prime and Bumblebee were amazing to see and hear on the big screen. Boom!! Crash!! And that weird transforming sound they invented on the cartoon. It won’t win an Oscar, not even close, but Michael Bay is a master of CG special effects.


That said, no one in their right mind would pay what it costs to see a movie in the theater and then actually watch it on their computer. I’m sorry but the experience of a hundred plus foot screen, mega-watt sound system, and plush comfy chair far outweighs the hassle of some teeny-bopper texting in the row behind you through Megatron’s rebirth, not to mention watching it on that 15.1 inch Dell or Macbook Air with their tinny little speakers. If you’re going to watch it that way because it’s more convenient, then rent it later for a lot cheaper.


This would be the same for paying to see your favorite band live versus just buying their songs. Or paying to eat a meal at the finest restaurant versus just cooking from the recipe at home. Yes, it’s cheaper to listen Cowboy Mouth on your iPod while making your own bread pudding soufflé. But if you ever get the chance to experience a Cowboy Mouth show in their hometown after having dessert at Commander’s Palace, you will know why the live experience costs more. No one in their right mind would pay for the live experience, only to just do it at home…


Um, with one exception:  http://pauljarley.wordpress.com/2014/08/04/sometimes-you-have-to-use-vice-grips/


In state UCF students currently pay $212 per credit hour for classes. For this price, students are essentially purchasing knowledge that they will hopefully use later in their career. Ok, purchasing the opportunity to obtain knowledge…whatever. They can form a bond with their instructor, interact in class, ask questions, be involved in discussions, and really learn the material covered in the class. Just like seeing Optimus Prime come back to life in the theater, Fred LeBlanc get pummeled with red spoons at Tipatina’s, or the light and silky sauce that surrounds your dessert at Commanders, you are paying for the live experience. It’s up to you to make the most of it. Get to know your professors and spend some time on Dean Jarley’s log. Cheer when Optimus stands tall. Jump and go crazy when Fred beats his drums. Savor each bite of your bread pudding. Get your money’s worth!


In order to accommodate the large enrollments of our core classes, the College of Business employs lecture capture technology. Students don’t have to attend a lecture live, they can simply watch the lecture on their laptop at their convenience. We’d like you to watch it while it’s happening, but lectures are left up so you can go back and watch them over and over.


What’s the result? Students in UCFs College of Business don’t come to class the first year they’re here. They pay for the live experience, but choose the lesser option. The result? A culture of anonymity in UCFs College of Business. Guess what, no one ever became employee of the month by being anonymous.


Bucking this culture is probably why there’s all this heartburn about requiring those of you in the Career Professionalism classes to come to class…twice! Not every day of the week during the semester. Not one day a week during the semester. But just twice in the semester. You don’t have to quit your job. You don’t have to sell your children to a third-world textile mill. You just have to give me a couple of Friday mornings. If you work for an employer who can’t fathom why you’d need two mornings off every 4 months so that you can earn a degree that will ultimately benefit your professional development (and indirectly, their business!) and will go to pieces if you aren’t there, then maybe it’s not the class that’s the problem!


The Career Professionalism classes will take place on Friday mornings and you will be required to make it to class on occasion. It’s a minor change in the way we’ve always done business, but a significant one.


Bending the culture is going to take vice grips. I didn’t make that line up, but I wish I had!