Are you still trying to figure out what you want to do when you leave college? I’m talking about, the job you intend to have upon graduating. What have you done or what are you doing to research what you want to do? There are many resources and different ways to find what kind of jobs out there. Sometimes it takes networking, joining clubs, or even getting internships. These are invaluable resources but have you done your research?

Since the new GEB 3003 class rolled out this fall, for the past month the Career Coaches in the Office of Professional Development have been meeting students who are the GEB 3003, Research and Planning class. We have been discussing different methods for researching jobs and how it is important. Through my discussions with the students I found that following have been helpful for students to start their research. Many students did not know that these websites existed. I wanted to share some methods, if you know it or not, some ways to do research that may benefit you in your job search.

O*Net is a really good website to get a very general and broad job descriptions. So for example, if you want to know what a Retail Sales Manager does, you could go to the website, type in the job title and it will give you results for your search. It will actually give you the following information:

 Tasks  |  Tools & Technology  |  Knowledge  |  Skills  |  Abilities  |  Work Activities  |  Work Context  |  Job Zone  |  Education  |  Credentials  |  Interests  |  Work Styles  |  Work Values  |  Related Occupations  |  Wages & Employment  |  Job Openings  |  Additional Information

It’s a lot of information but it also can be very helpful.

Glassdoor is a very transparent career community where job seekers can go and look for jobs. However, it’s not the typical job site to look for jobs. This website will give employee reviews of the company, what it’s really like to work for the company, interview tips for the company and even will show you how much you could earn. So if you are looking for a job and want more insight about a company from an employee perspective this would be a great site for you.

Indeed is another great job site that filters jobs from many locations. It’s like but for jobs. You can enter a specific job you are interested in and look for it in a specific geographical location. It will match jobs for you. Then you are able to click on a job that you are interested in and apply for that right there.

Some additional and great resources to take advantage of are to talk with people in the profession already. They can provide with a first-hand look at the job and be able to answers questions for you to better understand the job. Talk to your professors. They have either been in those jobs or know people who are. Network with alumni in those fields, and even family members. They can give direction on how they got the job they are in. Also, create a  LinkedIn account at This is a professional social network to get you connected to people in the industry, friends, co-workers, alumni, and much more.

Do the research! This can be a really great start to your job search. START TODAY!

Angela Cotto

Management Career Coach