1. We are very passionate about what we do. We made the conscious decision to take a break from corporate recruiting to share our knowledge with College of Business students and help you succeed.
  2. We have worked in recruiting for some pretty cool companies including EA Sports, the Orlando Magic, and Bloomingdales! If you have an interest in a particular field, there is a chance we have experience in it!
  3. We love to see you succeed. We coach students for interviews and do a happy dance every time they land a job.
  4. We can teach you a thing or two about how to get hired since a) we used to be “you” b) we used to hire “you”.
  5. We are easy to please. Some of our students have thanked us with flowers, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries… a student even promised me to let me meet with a sloth if he gets the job (I LOVE sloths!). Much better than a bonus, let me tell you!
  6. We are your number 1 cheerleaders. We have personally recommended students to Fortune 500 companies. Entry level jobs make it hard to get noticed. We can often help with that!
  7. We have friends, who are recruiters. If you can impress us (again, we used to hire candidates just like you!), we are happy to share your resume with them.
  8. We will hurt your feelings. We will rip your resume apart and tell you if you wear too much cologne so that a hiring manager/recruiter doesn’t have a chance to do so.
  9. We let you practice in a safe environment. We will ask you tough questions during mock interviews and review your resume before a recruiter sees it so that you can make mistakes now and be prepared when it really matters.
  10. We are thankful to work with you, we really are. Ok not all of you, but most of you. 🙂 Just kidding! We find our job at UCF extremely rewarding and, in less than a year, you have made us cry, laugh, and everything in between. Grazie and Happy Thanksgiving!


Laura G. McDonough

Career Coach – Finance & Economics