We have students coming at us from all angles each semester asking for us to help get them a job. As Career Coaches, we are in this role for a reason; we love helping students, and love getting them hired! But the one thing that students tend to forget is that we are not fairy god mothers. We will not simply wave a magic wand and get them their dream internship.

UCF provides so many resources, and opportunities on campus (and off-campus). One can join a student organization (we have over 2,000) to gain access to professionals, attend events and career fairs for free, and can gain experience through internships, becoming an Ambassador, or a leader in a student organization, which are all HUGE resume builders. But how many students take advantage of it? We cannot hold your hand to escort you to the ball, or make your dress with singing birds and mice- you have to get there!!

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on one of those resources now that has huge potential for students. This semester was the first that we offered #ucfbizchat to students. A twitter chat is an interactive outlet where students network with professionals, employers, and even other students to share their perspective and gain valuable insight.

A Recap of this semester’s Twitter Chats:

  • We had 6 hosts, all with varying experience: (2) Recruiters (2) Social Media and Subject Matter Experts on internships (1) Business Publication leader and of course..the Dean!
  • Topics ranged from recruiter hacks, to company culture, to how to leverage professional organizations/business publications in your career search
  • We had a melting pot of employers (you know, the people that get you jobs?), to a race car driver (also sales professional on the side), to a Develop in India…who knows?

We even had the Director of Employment Branding from Adobe stop in for a visit- exciting stuff!

What is most important to me is that you, as students are getting value from these chats. A team of people at UCF are dedicated to helping you grow in your career, and to give you access to people that can aid you along that path. We had a steady following of 10-20 as a standard audience, but who are we missing? Maybe the students who need it most? I know this is something I most definitely could have used in my undergraduate career…

I want next semester’s chats to be extremely valuable, and for students to network, build their rolodex and learn something new. We are in the process of creating the schedule for next year, and obtaining guest moderators, but I want YOUR feedback!!

What topic(s) would you find beneficial to help with career research, development, etc.?

Are there any specific speaker you want to hear from? Example- Owner of local small business, UCF Alumni working in Economics, etc.?

Bring it on! We want 2015’s Twitter Chat to be a huge success, but more importantly, we want you to find your prince charming and not turn into a pumpkin!!

Fairy Godmother

Kelly Bogey, Career Coach