What if you knew what you would do for the rest of your life by the time you were 6?

What if you could only ask one question every year?

What if job postings didn’t describe the job, but described who you’d work for?

What if no one spoke up when you were wrong?  What if no one cheered when you were right?

What if every interview started with a sing-a-long, just to see if you were a good sport?

What if the exams you took were essay questions, and your job interviews were multiple choice?

What if you had to start every job like Jason Bourne, not knowing who you are or how you got there?

What if you had a super power, and it was useless?  You know, like Aquaman.

What if you had to wear training wheels for EVERYTHING you have to do until someone said you’re good enough to do it without them?

What if your resume had no content, just a marketing slogan?

What if instead of thinking in or out of the box, we just rewarded you for thinking and didn’t care how it was or wasn’t packaged?

What if every time your mind wandered in class or at work your thoughts would be broadcast out of your ears loud enough for everyone in the room to hear?

What if you couldn’t just smile and nod, you had to confront everyone you disagreed with?

What if you were visited by you from 2034? From 2064?  From 2004?

What if no one cared how long or hard you worked, just the value of what you produced?

What if you had to learn everything the way you learned how to drive, with a nervous adult sitting next to you sporting a look of terror and barking out orders?

What if the only movies nominated for Academy Awards were from SyFy?  What if SyFy made a movie about your time in school?

What if all career decisions were made the way a cat decides where to lay, you just go where the sunbeam is.

What if job interviews were conducted using charades?  Or a flip chart and Sharpees?  Or macaroni art?

What if after working for 40 years you were asked to sum up what you’ve accomplished in just one sentence.  What would you say?  What would those around you say about what you’ve accomplished?

What if the only question that I was really interested in was the one I just asked?

Do well on your finals, be awesome in your work, have fun on your holiday!