In today’s job market there are many jobs out there that are highly competitive and you might be interested in applying for those jobs. However, you also might be thinking that your resume needs some sprucing up and you’re thinking of ways to make it stand out of from the rest of the applicants. Did it cross your mind to embellish your resume just a little bit to make it look really good to an employer? If so, don’t do it!
Why don’t it you’re asking? It’s because employers can verify information.
For example:
• Employers can ask you for your transcripts and or your diploma. They may ask you to bring this for verification purposes and not tell you until they offer you the job. Don’t lie about your GPA or your graduation date on your resume. Some employers will base their decisions from a GPA. Also, they could also offer you a job based on when you graduate. If you say you are graduating in spring but not really till summer, you mostly likely will not get the job.
Employment dates/Job titles
• It’s possible that an employer will call your professional references and do verification of employment with past companies you have worked for. Be honest about the dates of your employment and the jobs you held.

Technical skills
• Some companies often have various technical tests during the interview process. For example, if you say you are a whiz at Excel on your resume, make sure you really are a whiz. A company requiring Excel for their job will mostly likely have you take a test during the interview process. If you fail, no job.

These are some resume areas that, if you fudge them, can cause problems. These areas can all be verified by an employer. Embellishing your resume is not the best idea. It can lead to no interviews or no job at all. Employers want honest employees and that starts from when they look at your application and read your resume. Don’t take the risk and lie on your resume. Be truthful and seek help with preparing resume from your peers, employers, professors, Career Services or your Career Coach. Get helpful advice to make your resume stand out from the rest and get you the job that you want.

Take a minute and watch the video about resume lies. It’s a very helpful video that can give you some great advice.

Angela Cotto

Management Career Coach