Welcome back, CBA Knights!

I hope you had an incredible winter break filled with family, friends, naps and a ton of food!

I wanted to start this semester off with a couple reminders for your first week back in class:


If you are stopping by the Office of Professional Development this week, please remember to be patient. Our office experiences high traffic, sometimes 300+ students in one day, so please be patient with the A-Team and the Career Coaches. We only want to help and will be attempting to do so as quickly as possible.

Be patient in the parking garages as well. You could be honking and cursing at your professor – that’d be a great first impression… not.


Are you not going to class because it’s “syllabus week?” Bad idea! This is the week you should go to class and get all of your questions answered before you start covering material – and who knows… you may actually start covering material on day one?! When you start your first job, you don’t get to skip the first day because its paperwork day, you’re still expected to go. Take advantage of this week, it’ll help you get prepared and stay organized for the spring 2015 semester.

To help with organization, consider using a planner. By the end of this week, write down due dates for all assignments, and test dates. As the semester progresses, write down important meetings as you schedule them and make updates as needed.


Happy New Year! What should you first New Year’s resolution be… to stop being lazy! If you’re enrolled in lecture capture courses this semester, get out of bed and actually attend class! Class is a great time to network with your classmates (before or after – don’t talk while your professor is lecturing) and meet your professor. On top of those two benefits, you may also see your grades improve!


Making friends is the best and easiest way to expand your network. Throughout this next semester you are going to be exposed to so many people, all with different stories and different backgrounds – get to know them. It is possible that the friends you are making today could be your future coworkers or your future clients! The easiest way to get a job is to be referred by someone in your network. Six of the seven Career Coaches in the Office of Professional Development heard about this job opportunity, to work with you, through their networks.

WELCOME TO THE MAJORS (sponsored by Wells Fargo)

Is this your first semester in the College of Business? Are you enrolled in GEB3003 for your spring 2015 semester? If so, then you should already be planning to attend Welcome to the Majors on Friday, January 16th (signup here: www.conftrac.com/net)! At Welcome to the Majors, you should be prepared to network with faculty members and other College of Business students, as well as employers who are attending the event just to meet with you! Take advantage of this introduction into the College of Business at the University of Central Florida and come dressed to impressed! Make a goal to leave Welcome to the Majors with 5 business cards from different employers who attend the event. Keep in contact with those employers through LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com – make a profile NOW)!

Doors open at 10am! We hope to see you there!

So what did you get from this short and sweet blog post? I hope you realized the importance of networking with everyone around you. Be kind and leave a positive and lasting first impression with everyone encounter.. You never know what they might grow up to DO.

See you all on Friday!


Victoria Farinas

Career Coach – Marketing