Are you planning on attending?
Put this on your calendar:
Wednesday, February 11th in the Pegasus Ballroom from 10am – 2pm.
If you are, here a few tips and reminders to get you excited and prepared for the internship/co-op fair.

1. Update Your Resume!

Career coaches are here to give you some advice on your current resume. Feel free to make an appointment with your Career Coach and get advice and suggestions on your resume before you go. Make sure you have listed your education, most recent jobs, and any activities you are involved in. Try to keep it a one page if possible. Be descriptive, use adjectives and verbs. Make sure to double check for spelling errors, grammar errors, and avoid lines, color, or anything that might be distracting to the reader.

Make sure you bring plenty of copies!

2. Dress the Part!

Not so too long ago, Laura, one of our Career Coaches put out a great blog about how to dress for an interview called the Fashion Police. Here are just a few reminders from her on how to dress the part. Also check out the blog!

Basic Rules:
• Use make-up, cologne/perfume in moderation
• Don’t over accessorize
• Iron your clothes
• Don’t chew gum (not the best accessory!)
• Use common sense: don’t wear something you would wear at a club/beach/gym/grocery store
• Ladies: Do not wear extremely high heels. You don’t want to look like a baby giraffe.
A few of my personal rules:
• While many websites and books will tell you that you need solid dark suites or dresses, I think that a little bit of color is ok. I really don’t like walking into a Career Fair and thinking I accidentally stepped into a funeral.
• You don’t need to wear stockings. It is Florida. In 2014. If your skirt is long enough (as it should be) nobody should be offended by the view of your naked knees and shins.
• Be comfortable. This doesn’t mean you should wear your pajamas, but make sure what you are wearing fits right, lets you move around comfortably, and doesn’t make you feel uneasy. It is hard to feel confident (and convey confidence!) when you feel like you are walking around in a straitjacket.
• Invest in a few “interviews appropriate” pieces. You will wear that jacket/pants/dress/pencil skirt again, I promise you! As a student I would patiently wait for sales at stores such as Banana Republic, Macy’s, Nordstrom, J.Crew, or LOFT (never mind, I still do!). They have a large selection of basic, good quality pieces that you can dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion.
3. Be Ready For an Interview!
At career fairs or internship fairs there is always an opportunity to be interviewed on the spot by an employers. So to prepare, before you go, find out which employers are going to be there. Find the employers you are interested in speaking to, then do some research on the company. So when you go to company and hand them your resume you have an idea what type of company they are. Chances are they might ask you if you know anything about their company and now you do! Practice some basic interview questions at home or with a friend. Make sure you are confident and enthusiastic, always introduce yourself, and maintain eye contact. Prepare a 1 minute “elevator speech” about yourself. Let the employer know where you have been, where you are right now and where you want to be in your future.

If you not planning on attending, we highly recommend that you do! This will be a great opportunity to get some great information on internships! We as Career Coaches want you all to be successful. Attend the Internship fair, land an internship, build your resume and get that hands-on experience.

Angela Cotto

Management – Career Coach