Well done is better than well said – Benjamin Franklin

I think people who DO things are awesome.  It doesn’t take much effort to sit in a chair and say.  If you just say, people will usually say back.  Then someone else says.  Next thing you know the only thing that’s benefitted from all the talking is the potted plant in the corner; sucking up the body temperature carbon dioxide like a Dementor eats fear.

On the other hand, it takes guts to get off your ass and do.  I don’t even think you have to do anything that’s sexy, dangerous, or adventurous.  I just think it’s cool when people take action rather than standing around talking about action.  Why?  Because like saying, DOING will begat more doing.  Someone will be impressed, inspired, or encouraged by what you’re doing.  Then they’ll be willing to get up and go do.  Next thing you know there’s 8100 UCF College of Business students running around like ants!  Well, at least the ones who don’t suck will be running around.  The rest will be trampled under the feet of the doing.


So, I want to highlight what you are doing.  Specifically I want to use this space to highlight the jobs, internships, projects, volunteering, and activities our students participate in.  I’m curious to learn how this relates to what you ultimately want to do after graduation.  Do you have a unique job where you get to do cool stuff?  Do you hope to turn your hobby into a career?  Have you volunteered for a cause that made an impact on your future plans?  Have you completed a class project or internship that opened your eyes to future job opportunities?  Has doing something inspired you or given you direction?  Has action helped you accomplish something recently or overcome adversity?  I don’t care if it’s something you WANTED to do or something someone MADE you do; what are you DOING now to get where you want to be?

Send an email with a bit of background information to opd@ucf.edu.  We’ll go through the submissions and contact you for an interview.  We’ll go through a few questions, write something up, and get your story out there.  Then you can forward the blog to your mom so she’ll be proud of the awesome stuff you’re doing!