OPD Student Spotlight: Sam Moser, B.S.B.A. Finance ’14 – Jr. Business Analyst at Concord Management Limited

Sam Moser

Sam Moser is a great example of how our partnerships with employers can help students land entry-level positions in their field. Back in September, I attended a Property Management employer panel and met Marisa Price, Sr. Vice President of Team Member Services for Concord Management, a leading property management company, headquartered in Maitland, FL. Marisa and I stayed in contact and discussed building a win-win partnership. For Concord, the partnership with UCF means we assist them with sourcing quality candidates for their entry-level and Management in Training positions. For students like Sam, it means the opportunity to land a great full-time job and launch their career.

Sam was recommended for the position at Concord Management and was offered the job shortly after graduating in December!

Here’s more about Sam and the valuable insights he wants to share with you…

Name, major, and a fun fact about yourself.  Samuel Moser, Finance BSBA degree. I have a skydiving/motorcycle/boating license.

What is your job and why do you think it’s interesting?  I work as a Junior Business Analyst at Concord Management. It’s interesting because every day is something new. I never come into work knowing exactly what I’ll be working on all day long, and there’s always something more to learn.

Describe your duties, where you work, who you work with, etc. Give us a “picture” of what you are doing.  I work in Maitland at the headquarters with multiple people that make up the Business Analytics Team (BAT), as well as the Revenue Analytics Team (RAT). My job consists of running reports for community directors, CFOs, my team, or whoever else needs data extracted from various databases and put it into presentable form that’s easy to understand. I also work closely with Bright House networks and our communities to ensure that Concord is getting paid what it should from both our residents and the cable provider.

How did you find your job?  I found my job through the recruiting efforts of Marisa Price (Concord) and Sara Garcia (UCF) who forwarded my resume on to the company. At that point, Sara advised me on what to study and prepare for, if the opportunity for an interview came, and it did! Thanks to the hard work of these two ladies, I’m now a proud employee of an incredible company!

Was this something you ever thought you’d do (why/why not)? If so, how long did you know you wanted to do this?  I did think I would work as a Financial Analyst somewhere and doing something similar to this, but I never thought I’d find myself within the Real Estate industry. I had multiple internships as a student and thought the analyst route was most well suited for my career interests.

​What skills, tools, etc. have you had to learn in this role so far?  I use Excel all day, every day so I’ve gotten very skilled at that. But more importantly, I work very closely with many different people via meetings, e-mail, phone, etc. so interpersonal skills are definitely one of the most valuable tools in being successful.

What do you like most about your company?  I like the people I work with most about my company. Everyone is very nice, friendly and close-knit. We are very good at enjoying each other’s company, but at the same time we know that when it’s time to work…it’s time to work.

What advice would you give a student just coming into the college regarding making the next two years productive and resulting in success?  My biggest advice, honestly, is focus on shaking hands, meeting as many people as you can, and always, always put your best effort forward. No matter what kind of jobs/internships you find yourself working, do the absolute best job you can at that. To emphasize, GET AS MANY INTERNSHIPS AS POSSIBLE. One of the most useful parts of finding and working different internships is really narrowing down what it is you want to do in your field…and they look amazing on a resume. Realistically, no employer cares about your high school jobs. They want to see that you can perform in a professional environment with both your personal job as well as working well with everyone else around you. The biggest piece of advice really breaks down into one thing – don’t wait for the opportunity to come along and hit you in the head… go get it! Go make opportunities for yourself, make calls, send emails, and never stop pushing, never be content until you do land that dream job.

“For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way, and the easy way”

Congratulations on landing the job, Sam!

For more information about Concord Management and their available opportunities, visit www.concordrents.com, and don’t forget to keep checking your KnightsMail inbox for emails from your Career Coach about great opportunities!


Sara Garcia – Career Coach (Finance & Real Estate)