Good Morning Knights!

For those of you graduating this Spring you may be thinking, “What is next?” Your academic career is coming to an end and it is now time to put your knowledge and passion to work! Hopefully a good amount of you are applying and maybe even hearing back from a company or two at this point. It is an exciting time! You just need to narrow down what you really want to do and try finding a position that matches those interests.

I can tell you personally, that benefits are a big deal when accepting job offers. It is really important to have good healthcare and retirement plans offered by your future employer. But some companies, namely hospitality, have an additional benefit: travel. Their are plenty of business positions in hospitality, not just customer service. Hotels, restaurants, and airlines all need someone in Finance, Marketing, HR, Accounting, etc. to make sure that they are a successful company. But let’s get back to travel. If you are like me, travel is a really exciting benefit to have. When I worked in the hotel industry I had discounts that allowed me to stay in new cities for next to nothing. And the airline industry has an even better benefit- free flights! That’s right, even if you are an Analyst for Southwest you are still able to get these flight benefits. So why not look into some airlines and the opportunities that have? Keep in mind that most of these positions will require you to relocate as their headquarters will be not be in Orlando. But moving can be exciting and very rewarding. (That may even be a future blog topic!) So take advantage of the College of Business’s partnership with Delta Airlines and Southwest.

Southwest: Searching for a Market Strategy Yield Analyst (Revenue Management) in Dallas, TX.

Delta: Searching for Flight Attendants and Customer Service positions in many cities. Delta prides themselves from hiring within. These positions could be your entry point to a corporate position in the future. They will be on campus on the 31st from 10am-2pm in the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center. This event is open to UCF Alumni as well as our current students, regardless of major. Just apply to their role prior to attending to be considered for next day job offers! Impressive right?

Spring CBA graduates and recent alumni, check your knights email for more information on both of these opportunities. As always we will continue to send out exciting opportunities throughout the year. Feel free to reach out to your Career Coach for further questions.

Best of luck to all,

Emily Sullivan
CBA Career Coach