Funny-HorseHey Students!

I will keep this short and sweet.

Please follow these tips when corresponding with your Career Coach over email, or simply every time you communicate with someone in your professional network, including professors and hiring managers. From now on, if you address me as “Hey” or not address me at all (Laura is totally fine!), I will respond to your email with the link to this blog post and nothing else. No, I am not joking 🙂

Here are 10 helpful tips:

  1. Use a courteous greeting and closing.
    • Examples of greetings: “Hello Laura”, “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Laura”, “Dear Laura”. If you are emailing a professor or someone you don’t know, address him/her as “Professor” or “Mr./Mrs.”, and use his/her last name.
    • Examples of closing: “Kind Regards”, “Thank you”, “Best wishes”.
  2. Spell check.
  3. User proper punctuation
  4. Include a clear subject line.
  5. Don’t use slang or acronyms such as LOL, OMG, IDK.
  6. Don’t do this: “???” or this “!!!!!” – Unless you are super excited to tell me you got selected for a job!!!!!!
  7. Be polite. Even when upset, don’t “scream” at the recipient. Don’t write in ALL CAPITALS.
  8. Emails stay forever and you don’t know who the email will be forwarded to. Don’t write anything you may regret later on.
  9. Don’t share any information that may be confidential.
  10. Use a professional email address: and won’t get you the job. Stick with your or a variation of that.

You are welcome 🙂

Laura McDonough c

Laura G. McDonough

Career Coach – Economics & Finance