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It seems as with every passing semester within my college career, there is always one lesson that sticks out that allows me to appreciate my hard work to its fullness. As I approached the end of my junior year, I spent much of my time and effort trying to land that “Big” internship for my last summer before I graduate. I met with my Career Coach Laura McDonough to explore different opportunities, and after doing some research to find an internship that would fit with my overall career plan, I applied to the full-time Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Internship Program at Charles Schwab. In this program interns “rotate through various areas of Schwab, participate in hands-on training sessions, and attend Schwab-hosted client events.” It seemed exactly like  what I was looking for.

Shortly after applying to the position, I realized that things were going to get serious and I had to be on my A game at all times during the interviews. This particular position had a series of three different interviews all unique in their own way, nothing like I have experienced before. Prior to any contact with the company, I made sure to do my homework and research the organization, position, and even the people I would be interviewing with on various internet resources such as LinkedIn.

The first of the three interviews I found the most familiar; this particular interview mostly asked situation type questions regarding my previous work experiences. The second interview contained questions mostly regarding my personal motives and seemed to test how well I could engage on a personal level with someone. And finally, when the very last interview came, I was in for a bit of a surprise. It was a panel interview and this time the behavioral questions were focused on stress management and how well I could hold up with a series of complex questions while keeping “my cool”.

Fortunately for me, I was able to keep my head in the game and answer all of the questions in a calm and professional manner. This made me realize the importance and just how crucial practice and preparation is for any interview. Not only must you be well informed and knowledgeable but as mentally and emotionally ready as well.

In the end, thanks to my hard work and preparation, I was able to land an internship position with my dream company. Never will I forget that, as my Career Coach constantly reminds me, you must always practice and be prepared.

Andrew Best – Finance student