OPD Student Spotlight: Omayra Bidrogo, College of Business student – Proposal Coordinator at Siemens Energy, Inc.

I am so excited to spotlight Omayra on this week’s blog! When I first met Omayra in our office, I absolutely loved her energy and her passion for school and career development. Omayra is in the GEB 3003 Career Professionalism course and is one of our students that is already in the workforce full time, having worked at Siemens for 15+ years. So our discussions in our one-on-one meetings have really focused more around her career development and what her future career goals are. In our third meeting, she let me know that there was a new position posted at Siemens that she was interested in. We discussed the pros and cons of the position as they relate to her career goals, the application process, and how to prepare and network in preparation for an internal interview. Omayra applied and interviewed for the position, and one of my favorite days at this job was when she e-mailed me and told me she got the position!! I knew how badly she wanted it and the work she put in preparing. So I wanted to spotlight what she did that helped her get the promotion. Thank you for sharing your story and tips with us, Omayra!

Omayra pic

Name & fun fact about yourself: Omayra Bidrogo – I have a 19 year old daughter and a 5 year old son, which makes them 14 years apart.

What type of research did you do within the company to learn more about the organization and different career paths?

In order to learn more about the company, I had to research the web for their history, statistics, the industry, products, and any major milestones. This would help me understand more about the business and be better prepared if discussed during the interview process.

What type if internal “networking” did you do?

Networking is very important within any company. Within my 15 years of working for Siemens, I have had multiple networking opportunities. I decided to get involved in community service, and joined a company sponsored organization. This has enabled me to build relationships and show other groups my hard work and dedication. In order to effectively network you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone, go up to other individuals, and introduce yourself. Leaving a good impression can help you in the long run.

Being considered an “internal candidate” has it’s perks and it’s negatives. Describe the process.

As an internal candidate, I was able to review the job opportunities and apply within the career job postings. You have to be able to meet the preferred knowledge/skills, education, and experience criteria. Sometimes if you do not have the proper education, you can still apply if you have the equivalent experience. The pros of being an internal candidate is that you are able to move around within other divisions of the company. It also allows you to keep your seniority, benefits, and continue to develop yourself in your career. Applying internally and going from one division to another can sometimes be difficult as there are other internal candidates with more experience in that area of work.

What are some things you did in preparing for your interview that you believe set you apart?          

In preparation for my interview to land the perfect job, I was able to read The Recruiting Snitch by Alysse Metzler and 101 Answers To The Toughest Interview Questions by Ron Fry. These two books were able to guide me through the interview process. It allowed me to analyze, brainstorm, and recite all possible answers to any questions that I would be asked. In addition, I met with my Career Coach and discussed strategies, which lead me to be more confident to be myself during the interview. Furthermore, during the process of getting ready prior to the interview, I put a package together for each individual that would be included as part of the panel. This package consisted of a cover sheet, resume, performance targets results, and letters of recommendations from various managers that I have worked with in the organization. I even set up a mock interview prior to the actual interview so I would have more practice. I developed a strategy of a 30-60-90 day plan of what I would propose to the manager with detailed information on how I would do the job within the first three months, if I was picked as a preferred candidate. Utilizing all these strategies made me stand out. I was able to walk into the interview with confidence and control of the situation. I was very energetic, positive, and charismatic and very passionate about what I had to say in each of my responses.

What did you do after the interview to follow up?

Immediately following the interview, I individually wrote to the members of the panel. Each email was slightly different as each had a different role in the department. I expressed how it was nice to meet them and how glad I was to have been given the opportunity to interview with them. I also mentioned that I felt that, based on the information provided during the interview, I would be a good fit for the job and that I would hope to be taken into consideration.

Now that you’ve received the promotion, what are your future goals and things you’re going to do in your new position to ensure you reach them?

Now that I have received my promotion, my focus is to learn the business and responsibilities that I will be tasked with on a daily basis. I will train hard and continue to develop myself within the organization, and develop a personal career path by continuing my education at UCF.

Thank you again and best of luck in your new position!! 🙂


Lindsay Bridges – Accounting Career Coach