Graduating from UCF a few years ago I had no idea what my career had in store. I was a General Business major that had a finance and accounting internship and realized those fields were not so suitable for my strengths. It was not until I was in my Sales Force Management class in my senior year that I was able to uncover my true calling.

My Professor worked with a recruiting firm called WilsonHCG, and one of their Recruiters came into the course to speak about career development, give resume tips, and interview suggestions. I was intrigued, and was always taught to follow up and add connections on Linkedin even before Linkedin was the networking “monster” it is these days. Right before graduation I was struggling to find a job that was not in sales, and happened to come across a post on Linkedin from the Recruiter that visited my class. WilsonHCG was looking for entry level sourcing consultants, which is basically a Junior Recruiter role, and I decided to put my name in the hat.

Recruiting? Well, I am a chatter box, love helping people, and needed a job. A few years later, I can personally tell you that recruiting is my passion, especially for entry level roles. There is simply nothing like working with students that are about to graduate and encouraging them to pursue a path that guides them into a career! I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful students over the last year, and have been inspired by their stories. I wanted to write this final blog post to communicate some parting words I have and to recognize some amazing individuals:

Career Coaches: These six professionals are honestly the best colleagues I have ever worked with. They truly care about the success of students, and do whatever it takes to help you all become successful. They deal with academic tasks, get students internships, and give tough love when it is needed. I will miss these ladies more than words can express, but want you all to realize how much of a driver they are for the College of Business! If you have not seen your Career Coach yet, or are new to the college, PLEASE don’t miss out on the opportunity to get some guidance and inspiration from them!!

Advising Team: The Advising Team in the College of Business is truly the gel that holds the OPD together. These “a-teamers” support the Coaches, but more importantly plan your schedules, calculate your GPA and answer a WIDE range of questions (some of which are very interesting). They are resilient, hard- working, and I anticipate great things coming from this group. Students- do not yell at them, do not hang up on them; they are here to help you, and that is not the way to get anything done in life. One thing you should learn now is that approaching things as if you are entitled, being aggressive and rude will only get everyone to remember your name (and not for a good reason). Be kind, they are always here to help!

Lonny Butcher, Dr. Becker, and Dean Jarley: A couple of years ago I attended a Recruiting Roundtable event hosted by Dean Jarley. He spoke about the items that our college was missing and gave passionate points on where he wanted to drive our students. I instantly bought in, and at the time did not realize I would be able to play a hand in these efforts. I then met with this passionate, enthusiastic and eccentric man named Lonny Butcher that the Dean suggested I meet with. Little did I know this would become a professional partnership that I believe will carry on for decades! Lonny: you are an inspiration and I can honestly not thank you enough for all that you have done for me, and for your passion of helping students. Dr. Becker, the Assistant Dean, is also someone that I would like to share my appreciation for. Dr. Becker is one of the strongest professionals I have worked with; she is tough, but always has the students’ best interest at hand. Thank you for the opportunities you have given me!

-Students: I have met with many, many, many students over the last year and each and every conversation has been mutually beneficial. I have several students I would personally like to give shout outs to, and hope their stories will inspire others:

  • Renee Richards– when Renee first came to me she had no idea what she wanted to do with her degree. My recommendation to her- try everything! And she honestly has!! I cannot keep up with her list of student organizations she is involved in, or the internships or part time roles she is applying to. Students- get involved. There are so many resources on campus for you to take advantage of that will enable you to grow professionally and personally!
  • Sean Olinger– when I first met with Sean we clicked because we started talking about watches and biking. As many of you know, I do triathlons, so the conversation flowed. Sean has met with me consistently, always asking questions and getting my opinions. While I always try to give the best advice I can, I commend Sean for always seeking to grow and develop. Students- seek mentorship and guidance! Professionals know what they are doing, and while they are not right 100% of the time, they have usually “been there, done that”.
  • Jared Simon– Jared is graduating soon, and was always a little nervous about getting an internship and securing a job. I always had confidence in him, but it has been amazing to see him secure his dream internship this summer. I helped him several times with his resume, did a mock interview, but when he emailed me that he got the job I did a big happy dance! Students- be confident in yourself! The sky is the limit, and you are capable when you put the effort in!
  • Bryant Santana- Bryant met with me almost once a month last semester. Every meeting he brought great questions to the table, and was extremely polite. He is involved on campus, and is exploring some fantastic opportunities. I know Bryant will do great things because he is a great person. Students- making real connections and being polite to those who are helping you can go a long way! If Bryant needs a reference, I know I will provide a 1 page rant on how awesome he is with no hesitation!!


In parting, I have truly enjoyed my time at UCF. I have met so many wonderful individuals and love representing such an amazing university. I am relocating to Tampa, but will still be on campus several times a year as a University Recruiter for my new employer. And of course, for football games!

Take advantage of all that this great University has to offer! Enjoy, and make it worth it!!!

Go Knights!