I’m sure by now you’ve been asked “How are you going to get to the One?” That’s a hard question to answer, especially if you were a student like me and had NO idea where to start!

At the University of Central Florida, we have a prestigious and exclusive program called the Professional Selling Program (PSP). This Program is open to Marketing majors in the College of Business. Students who apply to this program are put through a round of interviews with Faculty and former PSP members, with the top 35 granted acceptance each year. Typically students will complete this program in their senior year at UCF, and upon graduation, on average, each graduate from PSP has 3 job opportunities a piece available to them. In basic terms – students in this program are taught invaluable lessons about networking and research to “get to the One.”

I thought I could share some tips with you from the most recent graduates from the Professional Selling Program:

Job Search:

“Stay opened mined with industries and companies you are pursuing. You never know who will be the perfect fit!”

“Apply as often online as possible with little prejudice for company choice, even while going through the interview process with other companies,”

“When attending job fairs it is vital that you look up the companies that you are interested in so you have a conversation starter. Also, Make sure that you have plenty of resumes and business cards. Last, but not least, remember to smile (people gravitate towards those that are likable)!”


“LinkedIn is a powerful tool; use it to reach out to professionals.”

“Never for a second be hesitant to try and talk to a manager of a company you hope to work for; utilizing the student card to grab coffee or have lunch or even just a conversation works wonders.”

“For a job fair or a networking event with a public guest list…
Know who you want to talk to, why, and something about their company. Preferably news that was recently in the Wall Street Journal or OBJ.”


“Before you go in for an interview, ask who will be interviewing you and research them on LinkedIn so you can talk about things that are familiar for them.”

“In an interview, make sure you are asking just as many questions as they are. Don’t be afraid to interview your interviewer. Ask about their personal career path within the company, ask them specific questions about the job description itself and what it all entails. This shows the interviewer you are engaging and very interested, they will remember you!”

“During the interview process, be sure to keep an open mind and be willing to explore every opportunity that comes your way because no one ever really knows what they want to be when they grow up!”

So take some tips from some real UCF students who have proven success of how to get to the one!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Professional Selling Program at UCF, please stay tuned for information later this semester and applications in the Spring 2016 term!

Victoria Diaz

Career Coach – Marketing