Tomorrow, Alysse Metzler, author of “The Recruiting Snitch,” will be speaking to GEB 3003.  Here is one student’s account of what this book has meant to her and her take on what professionalism means:




Not to sound cliché or shallow, but I do take pride in how I look. I have the “typical girl” routine in the morning or before work. Take a long shower, straighten my hair, apply my makeup just right, and spritzing myself with one of my favorite Victoria Secret perfumes; in that order. I could care less if its 5am or 10am because looking rough all day is not my forte’. I mean let’s be real. Most of us young, 25 year old women are up to date with the latest trends or our favorite celebrities and want to look put together effortlessly like them right?!


I always thought that maybe I could stand out of the crowd more at work or at job interviews if I just dressed better and had more professionalism than the next broad here for the same interview. WRONG. Looking like Kim Kardashian or Elle Woods won’t impress anyone if you don’t have the education and skills they are looking for. This whole mindset of mine completely changed when I read Alysse Metzler’s book, “The Recruiting Snitch”, last semester. When I was told I had to read this for a class because it was part of the final, I honestly rolled my eyes and threw it aside for a later date. I had other classes, work, and my off days at the beach to worry about instead of another novel to read. Thank goodness for that one rainy day at the UCF library when I decided to see what this book was about.


I kid you not, I read this book in one sitting from cover to cover. It was just that good! I wish I had a camera to see my expressions as I found out so many things I was already doing wrong. I had the firm handshake and no gum chewing down. That’s a no brainer. Showing up early, wearing too much makeup/perfume, and being overzealous where you ride the line on being annoying can definitely hurt you. We all understand that it’s better to be early than late, but there is a point where you can look desperate. Alysse explains the appropriate wait time to arrive as well many other “duh” moments we tend to overlook because we don’t know or thought we were doing right.


The days of my makeup contouring, darker eyeshadow, and bright lipstick are left to my days off or a night out with friends. Looking professional when networking or at job interviews can literally be part of your ticket to your first “big kid” job. You don’t want to leave a company or hiring manager remembering you as a “pretty house with no light on.” You get my drift? Research your potential job, have your resume reviewed beforehand, and buy yourself professional attire. Nobody keeps up with the Kardashians in the real world. Everyone wants to know about what YOU can bring to the table, but first you have to give them something to talk about.


First step in succeeding with more than just a degree in hand is by buying this book off Amazon. Seriously! Ask any business student who has read this and I bet you they will repeat what I have told you. I have learned so much more in this one book than I have from years of working and at job interviews. Want to know an even better secret? She will even review your own resume. Leave a review after you’ve read her book and shoot her an email. You’re welcome.


Heather Kite

UCF College of Business, Management Major