This blog will be short and sweet, but will include some good advice..

I always joke around with the presenter or lead in a meeting or presentation that I ask a lot of questions… and then I realized.. this is a GREAT trait! If you are lucky enough to have a subject matter expert (SME) in front of you, ask any questions you may have. When I do not have an SME in front of me, I take it upon myself to figure out the answers to questions I have on my own. This gives me a personal level of satisfaction.


One thing I have noticed during my time here at UCF is that many students do not take the initiative to use one of the most powerful tools at their fingertips – the internet (and google). If they are not in front of a SME, they would rather send an email and wait for a response, then do a quick internet search to see if they can find the answer on their own. On a daily basis, I receive emails from students asking questions from when Spring Break is to what are GPA requirements for specific graduate programs. I am not a SME on either of those topics, but can find the answer within one minute by doing a quick google search.

When employers are making hiring decisions, they are going to select candidates who have a proven ability to solve problems on their own, not candidates who wait around for the answer pop up in their inbox. Start to practice this in your daily lives and it will carry over into the workplace. Stop waiting around for answers to questions you can answer on your own.

Be inquisitive, but take initiative!


Victoria Diaz

Career Coach – Marketing