Last week Bethesda Games released Fallout 4.  My understanding is this was one of the most highly anticipated video game releases of the year.  Maybe the century.  This one, not the last one.  Not many video games back then.   Can you tell I’m not a gamer?  My interest in video games died a quick and merciful death well before Pac Man and Donkey Kong.  But my son and his friends are.  My son was so amped about the new Fallout that he saved his paychecks for the past few months and built a new computer to play it.


One of the unique marketing moves Bethesda made was to partner with Jones Soda to produce a limited edition Nuka-Cola Quantum.  Actually, it wasn’t really a cola.  Or even a new soda flavor posing as their interpretation of what Nuka-Cola would be.  I heard it was their existing Berry Lemonade soda with a Nuka-Cola Quantum label slapped on.  Nice.  Same product that you can get in any store with a new label.  No big deal, right?


Wrong!  The soda was only available in limited quantities through an exclusive deal with Target.  Most fans never saw any.  The stuff flew off the shelves.  There were accusations of store employees hoarding it.  Scrums breaking out.  Pandemonium!  Somewhere Bubba Ray Dudley could be heard stuttering, “D-Von, GET THE TABLES!!”  It was nuts.  My son and I went to our local Target the day it came out and there was none.  I don’t even think all the stores got any.


So why does this story matter?


As the semester comes to a close, a number of students sent me impassioned pleas to let them attend a lecture.  Due to our class sizes, students have to reserve a seat in lecture to see our guest presenters.  I encourage them to sign up early.  Some do, some don’t.  You get one shot, you are required to attend, and if seats fill up because you waiting to register, you are out of luck.  If a student fails to attend, I deduct points from their grade.  If they register, and then “no show” the penalty is doubled.  And they don’t get to sign up for another lecture.  They had their chance, they blew it because they either waited too long or failed to keep their appointment.  It’s my way of reinforcing that you make commitments and then keep your obligations.


The same hold true for meetings with their Career Coach and other events planned by our college.  And just like with the lectures, there seemed to be a lot of students waiting until the last minute only to be surprised that all the seats were taken.  There are students who will probably lose an entire letter grade and a half just because they waited to do what they needed to do and missed an opportunity.


Back in the day, we had a saying.  You wait long, you wait wrong!  Meaning, opportunities will pass you by unless you act on them with a sense of urgency.  And now you can get your Nuka-Cola on Ebay for $50….good luck, fan boy!