Nathan De Marco is a student in my GEB 3005 class.  If you know Nathan, you know he’s the kind of student who enthusiastically takes advantage of every opportunity.  He works hard, very hard.  But he’s also willing to listen and learn.  I encourage students to attend professional conferences so when I found out he was selected to go to San Diego, I asked him to let me know what he learned.  He learned a valuable lesson about working with others and walked away with a lot of new contacts.  I’d say it was time well spent!


Every year there is a conference held for professionals in the supply chain industry. It is called the CSCMP (Certified Supply Chain Management Professionals) conference. Each year, a certain number of students from each university get hand selected to attend this conference. University of Central Florida was able to select one student to attend this conference and this one student was myself. This conference was three days long at the end of September in San Diego, California. This year they invited the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, to be a keynote speaker. I was very intrigued to hear this highly successful man speak, so I sat in the very front out of 2,500 seats. In the middle of his speech, he said, culture triumphs strategy. That was the biggest takeaway I got from the conference. The way I dissected that saying was, you need to have a strong unit with the same goal to make any strategy work. It is the people that make all things happen, no matter how good the strategy may be. He went through his speech talking about the crucial aspects in the supply chain industry, from what I have learned from my internship at C.H.Robinson and from class at UCF, I realized I have made the right choice. I knew then that this is exactly what I want to do. Howard Schultz said, what differentiated him from his competitors is that he had a certification to market himself. The certificate was International Trade and Commerce Certificate, Import/Export Operations Concentration. My minor is international business and what to pursue the international trade as a profession. Attending this conference has meant a lot to my career development and has definitely differentiated myself from my competitors. I can put this on my resume, I got numerous amounts of takeaways, and left with 47 business cards. I encourage other students to get involved.


Nathan De Marco

Student, UCF College of Business