Caroline is a student of mine in GEB 4004 who chooses to differentiate herself through leadership in a student organization.  Tomorrow those of you who attend Welcome to the Majors will learn about organizations like Caroline’s.  Don’t see something you’re interested in?  Why not choose to start one of your own!


Last semester, I was scrolling through my newsfeed when I came across a post from K92.3 about a group at UCF called CMA EDU. Being that this was a post from one of my favorite radio stations, it caught my attention so I decided to delve deeper. Turns out it’s an on-campus club focused on the business aspect of the music industry, more specifically country music. I’ve been a country music fan for longer than I can remember so, naturally, I became completely enthralled that this club existed and that week I attended my first meeting.


That was 8 months ago, now I am on the executive board as the Vice President of Membership. CMA EDU stands for Country Music Association Education and as an entity of the Country Music Association in Nashville; our purpose is to expose you, the listener, to exclusive behind-the-scenes access into the real world of country music. We have speakers that give us that inside look and provide us with information to help us reach our goals within the industry.


While CMA EDU is rooted in the country genre, which is not to say that you are obligated to adore all things country. Quite the contrary, it is applicable to any facet of the music and entertainment world. In the past, our club has pitched marketing plans for the likes of A Thousand Horses, John King, and Carrie Underwood! Even if your marketing plan does not get selected, the experience demonstrates excellence in a professional and competitive setting. What’s more is that artists and their teams have reviewed your plans that they have requested!

How cool is that!?


We’ve also had some great speakers like Ashley and J.R. from K92.3, Tiffany Kerns, our CMA contact in Nashville, and for our last meeting for the fall semester we had Scott Scovill. Scott is the founder of a huge production company, Moo TV, which has helped build sets and other elements of production on tours. He’s worked with Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks, and even U2! When artists come to town on their tour we sometimes have the opportunity to meet with some of their staff and entourage to hear about what makes a superstar and what it really takes to make a show spectacular.


If you find that this is a major area of interest, then this national organization can open many doors like helping to secure future internships and jobs. If you would like to keep up with our latest happenings and events, please check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook: CMA EDU at University of Central Florida

Twitter: @CMAEduUCF

Instagram: @cmaeduatucf

Caroline Brinson

VP Membership CMA EDU, Senior Marketing Major