dog shame

I don’t like spanking kids. People like to post memes on Facebook about how much better the world was back when we spanked kids.  That it was a right of passage.  It made them the fine upstanding people they are.  Whatever.  A lot of those same people also say dumb stuff about politics, world events, and people in the public eye.  Their logic is negated by their very public behavior.  Then again, a lot don’t.  They are good people who do good things and reap the rewards of their behavior.  Kinda makes me think that despite my personal feelings, being spanked and making good choices are mutually exclusive.


This week I wrote a blog about some dumb choices my students tend to make. Things like writing drunk and/or venting emails without reading instructions, cheating, and unprofessional behavior at events.  I wrote it because it’s an annoyance.  It annoys me.  It annoys the people we work with.  And it annoys the people who will someday hire you.


However, last night I pulled it. I decided it wasn’t a good choice to publicly shame, even anonymously, my students like a dog that ate a hole in the wall or tore down the Christmas tree.  Instead, I’m going to give you some guidelines to follow to not make dumb choices:

  1. If you are pissed, scared, drunk, or high, don’t email. Anyone. Seriously, you don’t come across well. Call a friend or parent and vent. Call the time and temp number and vent. Vent to your dog, cat, or hamster. Get it out of your system, but don’t write it down.
  2. If you must write, don’t type it. Write it on a piece of paper. Fold it up. Put it in an envelope and put it in your bookbag. Deliver it in person to me or the person who has annoyed you.
  3. Don’t cheat. Cheating is any action on your part that misrepresents your actual work in a class. Work that you get a grade for. By the way, work that doesn’t get you points, but will result in a loss of points if you fail to do it…is graded work!
  4. Don’t be lazy. You are in College now. This isn’t a part-time activity that you do around your full time job. It’s a commitment and there are things you have to do.
  5. Don’t over-commit. I’ve talked before about the three factors of performance; effort, ability, and role. Most of my students aren’t lazy.  They are smart and try hard. What they do is forget their role. You can’t be a full time employee and full time student in our college and expect to do well. Focus on what is important whether that’s school, work, family, or that psycho sweetie you can’t seem to give up.


As I said, I don’t like spanking. But I also don’t like stupid.  Making a bad choice when you know (or should know) what the right choice is.  And some people feel spanking can be a good short term solution.  Especially for stupid.  An attention getter.  Like dragging some ne’er-do-well into the town square for a good old public flogging.  Don’t make me be that sheriff.  You know what you did.  Go fix it…