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On Thursday, April 7th Alex Groenendyk, author of “This is Who We Hire” will speak in The EXCHANGE in UCFs College of Business.  Alex is a former President of Fiserv and Temenos Americas, international software companies, and I like him for two reasons.  First, he used to race a Ducati and that’s pretty freaking cool.  But more important, he wrote “This is Who We Hire” because before retiring he struggled to find and retain entry-level talent.  The same candidates who are now my students.  His book is his way of saying to my students, “This is the insider secret that you need to not just find a great professional job, but move ahead and succeed with that organization!”  I like that.  I like it when professionals want to lend a hand to those who follow them.


Alex will combine his experience leading international sales forces with his mission to help the next generation of job seekers by presenting on “The Professional Sales Skills You Will Need to Land a Job.” I’ll be there not just because he’s my friend and he’s helping my students.  It’s because so many of my students say explicitly that they DO NOT want a job in sales.


I usually chuckle when I hear this. That’s cool.  You don’t have to work in sales.  You can work in auditing (selling your analysis), corporate finance (selling your data), recruiting (selling candidates and job requisitions), human resources (selling your compliance solution), marketing research (selling your conclusions), or financial planning (selling your investment strategy).  Sounds like a rock solid plan to avoid having to sell for a living…


The truth is, EVERYONE works in sales. Whether you work in technology, financial markets, retail, or rutabaga farming you work in sales.  Business is about recognizing problems and formulating solutions to those problems.  If you are a problem solver you have to sell your solution.  If you aren’t a problem solver your tenure in business will be a short one.


For Alex, the first and most important sale that you’ll make is selling your qualifications for the job or promotion you want. I happen to think that’s a critical sale and I’m happy he’ll be on hand to speak to my students.  I’ll be there, will you?




The EXCHANGE is a unique space for UCF College of Business students that hosts business leaders, faculty, and students wanting to share their career development stories. Interested UCF College of Business students can register for Alex’s presentation using COBA Pass. Seats are limited so sign up soon.