Today’s blog is a repost from earlier in the year by our guest speaker in tomorrow’s Career Professionalism Speaker Series.  Andrew Pearl, CPRW, CERM, CEIP, is a certified resume professional, career coach and advisor, and partner with Precision Resume.  We are lucky to have a pro like Andrew as a partner in the Career Professionalism classes.


The first quarter of a new year is a great time for self-improvement. A new year equals a fresh start, which may explain why so many people resolve to begin a job search in January. Job search and hiring market trends are always evolving; understanding upcoming trends can give you a competitive advantage to leverage momentum for change brought on by the new year and land an exciting, potentially life-changing position.


Trend 1

Technology and healthcare jobs will continue to boom. Given the aging population, there remains a strong demand for healthcare professionals. Advances in the technology realm, from software development and process automation to social media development and data management, are driving substantial job growth, as well.


Trend 2

Video interviewing is on the rise. Being able to look a candidate in the eye is one of the best ways for an employer to evaluate cultural fit and build rapport, but providing travel and lodging arrangements for long-distance candidates is expensive and time consuming—enter video interviewing. Practicing interviewing techniques with tools like Skype or Facetime will be invaluable in 2016.


Trend 3

Networking will continue to trump searches via traditional job boards. More and more jobseekers are realizing that posting resumes online or filling out application after application just isn’t as effective as making connections and finding opportunities through professional relationships. Talent communities, social media contacts, and professional associations are helping jobseekers connect with hiring decision makers more effectively and organically than ever.


Trend 4

Virtual work and freelancing is increasing. Companies are beginning to rely more on freelancers to reduce operating expenses, and advancements in communications technologies are enabling many professionals to work remotely. The traditional full-time, permanent, on-site employee isn’t as prevalent as it used to be, given today’s highly connected world where employers are still looking to minimize headcount costs.


Trend 5

Social media and digital reputation management are becoming more important. During a job search, expect that a prospective employer will scope the Internet and social media sites before even calling you for an interview. It’s imperative to maintain a clean, professional digital reputation, even if you’re not in an active job search. With its continued increase in popularity, you can also use social media to investigate companies and broaden your professional network.


Research from sources like Jobvite and the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that 2016 will be a strong year for hiring with the potential for salary growth in many industries. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to change jobs, keep these trends in mind and use them to your advantage—make that change with confidence!


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