I thought I would update you on my Swedish adventure since it is nearing its end.  Currently, I am in Stockholm for the weekend to celebrate Midsommar before I go back to Jönköpingto finish out my Logistics and Supply Chain course.  Yesterday, my friend and I watched a musical version (in Swedish of course) of the Magic Flute in the park, which was wonderful, then went to the Vasa Museum and the Spiritmuseum.  Then we had traditional meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries at Gästabud for dinner and explored Stockholm’s Sofo neighborhood’s nightlife after dark.

Last week, I toured the Husqvarna factory in Huskvarna, as well as the Ikea distribution center.  While the factory tour in Huskvarna was fun, I much preferred the day I went there by bus with my friends and hiked through the woods.  Along with my school group, I also went to Gränna to see how candy is made, went to the ruins in Brahehus, and also to the Vadstena castle.

I am having such a wonderful time, and the scholarship money is going to great use.  As well as enjoying my time culturally, I am learning a lot through my studies at Jönköping University.  I just got done writing a paper on inventory management systems with my group, and will present that next week.

I hope you are doing well, and I really appreciate everything that you and SWEA have done for me!

Have a wonderful day,

Lauren Polson