Over the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting the best student blogs that were submitted to us by students in our Career Professionalism classes. These students took a risk by putting their experiences and lessons from those experiences on paper.  You may not think it’s much of a risk, especially in today’s world of opinion-a-minute social media.  But I think there’s something kinda gutsy in saying, “Yea, I don’t have a lot of experience, but here’s what I think…” and then sending that in for scrutiny by your Instructor.


Too often young people are whitewashed with broad labels. Bad and good labels.  They are, “entitled.”  They are “tech savvy.”  They are “self-centered.”  And they are, “compassionate.”  For every story that I see about interns who can’t dress themselves (and respond to the rules like spoiled brats) there are other stories about students doing awesome things like starting non-profits to fight pediatric cancer and help the homeless.


Students really are too diverse to put in a silo. Some come to us with a well thought out plan for their future, others have no idea what they are doing trying to pass this semester’s classes.  Some embrace the culture of engagement and activity, while others are happy to sit on the sofa playing Call of Duty.  Some realize the learning and career value in expanding their network.  Others tell people on LinkedIn that they are just trying to get points.  Some are awesome.  Some not so much.  For the “not so much,” our task is to try and find something awesome in them.  And that’s where the blogs come in, I definitely think students respond well to their peers.


To that end, I’m going to pass the microphone to my students for the next few weeks. Through this those of you who are already awesome will hopefully see yourself in the thoughts and opinions of our guest bloggers.  For those who aren’t so awesome, this is your opportunity to see what makes the awesome so….awesome.  Not so you can be jealous.  But so you can go be awesome as well!


See you in the Fall!