During my first semester of college I decided to major in Accounting. I knew nothing about accounting, all I knew was that I was good at math and figured I would make a great accountant. Shortly after, I decided to land my first “professional” job working with an accountant.


Getting a job as a Junior Accountant was very hard considering a had no experience. I spent hours each day looking at websites like Craigslist and Indeed in hope that someone would respond to my email. Finally, I heard from multiple employers willing to interview me! Fast forward a couple of weeks later and I began my first day working for a CPA. How did an 18-year-old freshman manage to land a job that college seniors were applying for as well? Here are my tips on how to obtain the experience you need!

  1. Write short, to the point emails. Employers don’t have time to read long emails about why you want the job. Make the email short and to the point. Briefly explain how the job opportunity would be great and leave your contact information.
  2. Have a professional resume. I cannot emphasize this enough! Even if you have little work experience a resume is crucial. Make sure a processional review it and gives you feedback.
  3. Be prepared for the interview. Dress professional, be on time (by on time I mean 10 minutes early), bring a copy of your resume, you know the basics. I think what set me aside during my interview processes was the fact that I didn’t treat them as interviews, I treated them more like conversations. Rather than just giving cookie cut answers I conversed with the person interviewing me. I asked questions back and even had conversations that didn’t relate to the job at all. Employers like to hire relatable, friendly people.
  4. Convince the employer that you are willing to learn. Most of the accounting firms required applicants to know how to use QuickBooks. Knowing this I purchased a QuickBooks guide to get an idea of what it was and how to use this. Employers appreciated the fact that I took an intuitive to learn on my own.


Those are my tips to get the experience you need! Use them and land the job you want!


Good Luck,


Nicole Shepard